Currently Mechanical Engineering Department, Sriwijaya University has 9 Laboratories and 1 Engineering Drawing Studio:

  1. Energy Conversion I Laboratory
  2. Energy Conversion II (Gas Engine) Laboratory
  3. Basic Mechanical Phenomenon Laboratory
  4. Manufacture Laboratory
  5. Mechanical Construction Laboratory
  6. CNC-CAD/CAM Laboratory
  7. Metallurgy Laboratory
  8. Corrosion Laboratory
  9. Gas Engine Laboratory
  10. Engineering Drawing Studio.

No Laboratory Head
1.  Energy Conversion I Laboratory  Prof. Ir. H. Hasan Basri, PhD
2.  Energy Conversion II Laboratory  Prof. Ir. Riman Sipahutar, MSc. PhD.  
3.  Basic Mechanical Phenomenon Laboratory  Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Kaprawi, DEA.
4.  CNC-CAD/CAM Laboratory  Dipl.-Ing. Ir. Amrifan Saladin M. PhD.  
5.  Laboratory of Metallurgy  Prof. Dr. Ir. Nukman, M.T
6.  Mechanical Construction Laboratory  Dr. Ir. Hendri Chandra, M.T  
7.  Manufacture Laboratory  Dr. Cand. Muhammad Yanis, S.T, M.T
8.  Engineering Drawing Studio  Dr. Cand. Ir. Dyos Santoso, M.T  
9.  Corrossion Laboratory  Dr. Cand. Ir. Helmy Alian M.T